"I couldn't recommend anyone for coaching more. Ian is authoritative, incisive, and most of all, supportive. I've worked with him closely for decades and he has coached productions for me at The Public and at The Old Globe. He is top notch: a brilliant Shakespeare coach."

-Barry Edelstein, Artistic Director, The Old Globe, Author: Thinking Shakespeare.

“Ian has a unique combination of immense theatre smarts which complements- rather than stifles- his infectious sense of play. His instruction allowed me to dig deeper into the text (of Othello) while still exploring the many layers of a complex man who would jump off the page. Ian was invaluable to me!”

-Victor Williams, Actor, Happy Together, Sneaky Pete, The King of Queens, Othello - Shakespeare on the Sound.

“Ian is inspired, patient, playful, challenging, and loving coach. He gets to the heart of the text and to the heart of you and helps you create a bridge. He coached me for my graduate school auditions and knowing he had my back made the world of difference; his calming voice was with me the whole time. Helping me numerous auditions since then, he's gotten me back to that place of "I am enough" if I'm doing too much or he'll lift the roof of a piece to get me to go further. You can't go wrong working with Ian!! He's wonderful!!”

- Natalie Paul, Actress, Crown Heights, The Deuce, NYU Graduate Acting (Accepted at NYU, Juilliard, Yale)

Ian Hersey is hands down one of the best acting/shakespeare coaches around. Period. When it comes to working Shakespearean text, Ian helps the actor break down each bit of language so the actor can connect it to themselves personally and therefore the language becomes one with the body. He’s a master at creating imagery and works tirelessly to bring out the best in each actor. Working with him on auditions and classical text throughout the year has most definitely helped my craft and elevated my understanding of Shakespeare's words. I wouldn't go to anyone else for classical work. He’s a true scholar.

Alejandro Hernandez, Actor, New Amsterdam, Gotham, Blue Bloods. (Accepted at NYU Grad Acting)

“Ian is one of the most thought-provoking acting coaches I've worked with. He takes your craft to places you didn't know it can go by coaching that center you need as an actor that goes beyond the page...and that is Ian. He guides you without pushing you and lets you find your way naturally, instinctual so that it becomes rote in your bones when you do it again on your own He's able to give you the tools to make you better at what you do, and that is everything I want from an acting coach.”

Mousa Kraish, Actor, American Gods; Love’s Labours Lost, The Public Theater.

“What makes Ian excellent is his ability to challenge you and push you to your edge while maintaining a completely safe environment where you can risk. Ian creates an atmosphere that is ripe for growth. He asks for truth and walks you through the excitement and uncertainty of creation until you find it. Ian is a true master.”

- Dante Costabile, Actor, Jessica Jones, Alex Strangelove

“I've taken at least 7 different Shakespeare classes over the course of my study in acting. In just 10 classes, Ian Hersey gave me an understanding and appreciation of the material that no other class has come close to before or since. I had so much fun, learned so much and grew so much as an actor from working with Ian. Although I studied with him over 5 years ago, I still refer to notes from his class. It is any student's greatest privilege to be able to work with and learn from him.”

- Jenna Michelle, Actress

“As someone who is scared of Shakespeare, I've never felt more comfortable learning Shakespeare in your class! Not only did you make it accessible and simple, but you made it super fun and relaxed. I agree with everything Jenna says. I will never forget your class that I took over 5 years ago.”

- Carolyn Burke, Actress

“Ian is critical of my work, always pushing me to be the best I can be, while still remaining constructive and kind. He has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for this craft! “

- MichaelAnne Hoffert-Cone, Actress. Medea Queens Theater

“Hands down the sexiest man I know”
- David Zinn, Tony Award winning set and costume designer


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